My name's Amelia Hoge and I'm a writer, speaker, recovery & mental health advocate, and certified life coach. I'm so happy you're here!

My website is under construction while I re-brand but in the meantime, let's stay connected!

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In honor of National Recovery Month, I’ve launched a movement called #30DaysofRecovery on Instagram. For 30 days, I’ll be posting daily about my journey in recovery, as well as inspirational tips/resources that have kept me on my path.

My mission behind this project is to inspire others on their own journey and to give my community a taste of what my life in recovery looks like.

For those in recovery, I invite you to join me. Your 30 days can start whenever, so its never too late to join! Or you can just follow my journey @ameliahogecoach. Either way, I can’t wait to dive in with you.

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Thought Catalog

"An Open Letter From An Addict In Recovery: This Is Why Demi Lovato’s Overdose Matters"

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