Starting a business involves a ton of work and if you're anything like me, you're probably running in circles trying to make sense of all the nitty-gritty details you need to learn and decisions that need to be made.

My story

When I started my business, I did not anticipate the amount of work it would take to launch myself successfully. I was trying so hard to keep up with everything: blog posts, social media posts, marketing, newsletters, offerings, and not to mention the actual coaching I was doing with 5 pro bono clients in conjunction with my coach training program, college courses, AND a part-time job.

In the midst of all of this, I had lost that spark I had when I decided to start my business. I was totally lost and exhausted and after a few months of this, I decided I needed to do something different, which in this case meant hiring a business coach to help me prioritize my tasks and manage my schedule. 

Once I started to relax and approach my business with a new mindset, that was when it started to grow. It was like magic - when I was more organized and totally centered, that was when I attracted clients.

As my business grew, so did my interests. After learning the tools for how to succeed in the coaching industry, I decided to use these tools to help others do the same. I realized that all the technical and business stuff that most of my clients hated was the stuff I actually loved the most. It gave me joy (because I'm a total nerd) to teach my clients how to approach these tools in a manageable, stress-free way. It was a challenge to me. I made it my mission to solve this question: how could I turn these horrifying topics (lead magnets, opt-ins, landing pages, SEO, list building, sales funnels, workflow/automation, advertising, etc.) into something interesting and fun?

On top of my coaching experience and interest in business development, I have a strong interest in the fashion industry and I am currently a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology pursuing my degree in Fashion Business Management.

My friends and clients know me best for my passion, enthusiasm, and high-energy, which helps support them in undergoing transformational and powerful work.

When I’m not working with clients or in school, you can find me pursuing some of my other passions including yoga, meditation, ayurveda, singing, dancing, and reading every self-help book under the sun (think Gabby Bernstein and Danielle LaPorte).

I hope our paths cross soon!

- Amelia