If you are looking for a great coach to help you to move forward in life, Amelia is the one for you! During our coaching sessions, she creates a compassionate and understanding atmosphere, and thus it is easy to open up to her. She provides tools and exercises you need to release your fears, blocks, guilt or anything that is holding you back. We had a great connection and having coaching sessions with her have been a bliss each time. She has a genuine, serene, caring and loving soul and talking to her feels like a breath of fresh air. If you want to get results, try it yourself! Thank you so much Amelia for your support and for the progress I’ve made!
— Nadia C, Crystal Coaching Academy
Just a shout out to Amelia: You’re amazing, girl!
She helped me get clarity on my sales funnel, a marketing plan, and Facebook posting strategy. She even took notes and sent me everything in an email.
You guys should definitely check her out!
— Yasmine R, Robles Designs
My secret weapon is Amelia! Having her in my back-pocket has been the most amazing and transformational part of starting my business. When I came to her, I was unclear on what direction to take, I was scared to put myself and my music out into the world, and I felt so icky when it came to creating marketing systems and structures. After working with her, I have fully stepped into my power as a musician and I feel super confident about my marketing skills! Thanks Amelia for guiding me through this amazing journey thus far!
— Hannah S, Katriella Music
“It is extremely difficult to find the words to describe how much of a transformative process my time with Amelia has been. Working with her has benefited my life in more ways than I ever expected. I have made so many incredible breakthroughs and have witnessed myself grow from a place of confusion, feeling stuck and unhappy, to a place of confidence, clarity and love.
During our calls, we really got deep and dug into all the issues that were blocking me from following my calling and truth. A process that I found extremely effective was working together to create attainable weekly goals centered around being more productive in my daily life, developing confidence, and creating a weekly schedule that allowed for perfect balance between self-care and work.
What I love about Amelia is the way that she really helps you to see the fact that you already have all the answers you need, and the importance of actually listening to and acting upon these. I love how honest and genuine she is, and how she is always there to offer support and guidance outside of calls too. The guidance and wisdom I have received from Amelia has been inspiring and has really helped me to overcome obstacles around confidence and fear that were blocking me from choosing a life that I really want to live.
My time with Amelia has guided me to discover my passion for helping and inspiring others, and my dream of starting my own heart-centered business, and I am truly grateful for this. I now recognize that when we begin living in our authentic truth, making decisions that are in direct alignment with our heart and happiness, miracles start to happen.”
— Beth S, Your Soul Happiness